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I don't know if you remember me my name is Jeff H. I bought a bunch of sharpening equipment from you in 1982, about 30 years ago. I just wanted to see how you are doing, as I think of you a lot and about all the help you gave me to get started in my sharpening business. I also wanted you to know I had put my 2 kids through college doing tool sharpening and I am still sharpening tools with your same sharpening equipment. Naturally doing that much work over that many years I had to replace a few minor things but I am still using the sharpening equipment and making a very good living. 

Jeff H.  from WI


866-497-0572 Thorvie International LLC BBB Business Review

Welcome to Thorvie International     

Since 1977 Thorvie International LLC has built a solid reputation as an industry leader in engineering and manufacturing innovative and cost effective products for the tool sharpening industry, offering some of the finest saw sharpening equipment and grinding machines which enable a sharpener to greatly reduce the time needed to setup and sharpen cutting tools. By 1980 we unveiled to the market a newly engineered carbide and steel saw sharpening machine. This machine could now precision sharpen cutting tools easily and more efficiently than was previously possible with conventional sharpening equipment and machines. It provided the capability to sharpen router bits, spiral planers, adjustable dados, jointer and planer knives, wood chisels, hole saws, shaper cutters, stump grinder bits and numerous other tools, simply through the use of easily attachable fixtures. It became possible to establish a cutting tool sharpening service center at one fourth the previous cost necessary to purchase conventional equipment.

Today Thorvie International successfully stands as a leader with the experience to meet the demands of the saw and tool sharpening equipment industry as it moves into the 21st century. Thorvie International broadened its borders as it manufactures and exports equipment outside the continental United States to markets such as the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, England, New Zealand, Canada, Honduras, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South America. With a product line of over forty unique fixtures and nine grinding machines, it has proven itself to be progressive and innovative in its approach to serving and fulfilling the needs of its customers. Thorvie International looks forward to supporting its customers in their future growth and success.

You can profit up to 90 cents on a dollar sharpening cutting tools.

Thorvie International is a leading manufacturer of saw and tool sharpening equipment for a home business opportunity.

Thorvie® provides a low risk home business opportunity including- video training materials, written instructions, tool sharpening equipment, supplies and free telephone support ensuring the greatest potential profits for you the local operator. If you are ready to dramatically boost your income, Thorvie tool sharpening equipment can produce astonishing long-term profits as a home business opportunity.

If you are looking for a simple, but proven home business opportunity, then Thorvie® sharpening-equipment is for you.  Initial investment costs are low, less than ...

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